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We are a team of researchers based at the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford. We study a broad range of interrelated questions in community ecology, with a strong emphasis on empirical work. Our research interests include tropical forest diversity, ecological networks, ecosystem functioning, inter-specific interactions, conservation biology, agro-ecology and the impact of human activities on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. On this website you can find information about our research, the people involved, and our collaborators in Oxford and more widely.

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Recent Publications

  • Gray, R.E.J., Rodriguez, L.F., Lewis, O.T., Chung, A.Y.C., Ovaskainen, O., Slade, E.M. (2022). Movement of forest-dependent dung beetles through riparian buffers in Bornean oil palm plantations. Journal of Applied Ecology 59238-250.

  • Deere, N.J., Bicknell, J.E., Mitchell, S.L., Afendy, A., Baking, E.L., Bernard, H., Chung, A.Y., Ewers, R.M., Heroin, H., Joseph, N., Lewis, O.T., Luke, S.H., Milne, S., Fikri, A.H., Parrett, J.M., Payne, M., Rossiter, S.J., Vairappan, C.S., Vian, C.V., Wilkinson, C.L., Williamson, J., Wong, A.B.H., Slade, E.M., Davies, Z.G., Struebig, M.J. (2021). Riparian buffers can help mitigate biodiversity declines in oil palm agriculture. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, in press.

  • Jordon, M.W., Hackett, T.D.,  Aboagye-Antwi, F., Eziah, V. & Lewis, O.T. (2021). Effects of distance from semi-natural habitat on fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda, J. E. Smith) and its potential natural enemies in Ghana. Bulletin of Entomological Research, in press.

  • Hemprich-Bennett, D.R., Kemp, V.A., Blackman, J., Lewis, O.T., Struebig, M.J., Bernard, H., Rossiter, S.J.,  Clare, E.L. (2021). Selective logging shows no impact on the dietary breadth of a generalist bat species: the fawn leaf-nosed bat (Hipposideros cervinus). Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, in press.

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