New paper on optimising oil palm landscapes for biodiversity in Nature Sustainability

Thursday, February 9th, 2023. Posted by Owen Lewis.


Dave and Owen contributed to a paper out this week in Nature Sustainability, investigating strategies for optimising biodiversity outcomes in tropical landscapes while sustaining oil palm yields. This is a major output from our LOMBOK project in Sabah, Malaysia as part of NERC’s Human Modified Tropical Forests programme.

Bicknell, J.E., O’Hanley, J.R., Armsworth, P.R. et al. Enhancing the ecological value of oil palm agriculture through set-asides. Nat Sustain (2023).

It’s accompanied by a nice summary and profile article by Rebecca Runting and Jessie Wells in the same issue of Nature Sustainability.

You can also read a nice Twitter thread by collaborator and co-author Matt Struebig