Gerardo Cerón Martínez

DPhil candidate

Funded by CONACYT

Supervised by Sofia Gripenberg and Owen Lewis


Research Interests

I am an ecologist mainly interested in plant-animal (so far plant-mammal) interactions, in particular in the influence of animals on plant populations and communities in tropical forests. My research largely focuses on how fragmentation and defaunation change the patterns of seed dispersal and, as a consequence, the establishment of plants with likely effects on tropical forest diversity. I am also interested in developing appropriate communication channels to inform local societies about the negative consequences of defaunation in order to reduce negative impacts of human activities impact these systems.

Selected Publications

Martínez-Bauer, A.E., Martínez, G.C., Murphy, D.J. and Burd, M. (2015). Multitasking in a plant-ant interaction: how does Acacia myrtifolia manage both ants and pollinators? Oecologia. (in press)