Nat Duffus

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Funded by the NERC Environmental Research doctoral training programme

Supervised by Owen Lewis and Richard Grenyer (SoGE)

Research Interests

My main research interest is in the conservation of insect biodiversity using policy instruments. During my DPhil, I will explore the role of biodiversity net gain policies in the conservation of insects, and how to incorporate measurements of insect biodiversity into habitat assessments.

Prior to this, I graduated with a BSc in Conservation Biology from the University of Aberdeen as recipient of the Professor Ian Alexander Prize for outstanding performance in conservation science. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on species-specific conservation policies in the UK, and their roles in insect conservation. Previously, I have also volunteered as a field assistant in Cusuco National Park, Honduras, with Operation Wallacea.


Duffus, N.E. and Morimoto, J., 2022. Current conservation policies in the UK and Ireland overlook endangered insects and are taxonomically biased towards Lepidoptera. Biological Conservation, 266, 109464,

Duffus, N.E., Christie, C.R. and Morimoto, J., 2021. Insect Cultural Services: How Insects Have Changed Our Lives and How Can We Do Better for Them. Insects 2021, 12(5), 377;