Dr Coline Jaworski

Academic Visitor

Research Interests

I am interested in species interactions, especially plant-insect interactions and insect trophic interactions.

My work combines field observations, genomics, experimental approaches and modeling to explore eco-evolutionary dynamics of species interactions in the fields of chemical ecology, behavioral ecology and community ecology.

Selected Publications

Jaworski CC, Thébaud C, Chave J (2016) Dynamics and persistence in a metacommunity centred on the plant Antirrhinum majus: theoretical predictions and an empirical test. Journal of Ecology 104: 456-468.

Jaworski CC, Chailleux A, Bearez P, Desneux N (2015) Apparent competition between local and invasive alien pests helps to reduce pest population densities but not yield loss on tomato crop.J ournal of Pest Science 88: 793-803.

Jaworski CC, Andalo C, Raynaud C, Simon V, Thébaud C, Chave J (2015) The influence of prior learning experience on pollinator choice: an experiment using bumblebees on two wild floral types of Antirrhinum majus. Plos One 10: e0130225.