Chris Terry

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Research Interests

I am interested in the processes that drive population dynamics in the context of ecological networks. As a postdoc, I am working on food web responses to climate change, focusing on Australian rainforest Drosophila and their interactions with parasitoids. This involves the analysis of transect data and conducting laboratory competition experiments.

Previously in my DPhil, also as part of CERO, I investigated how trophic interaction modifications act within larger food web contexts using both experimental and modelling approaches. While the effects of variable traits in small community modules have been well studied, it is currently far from clear whether in natural systems the effects are likely to be mitigated or amplified.

Much of my work is computer based. I have developed and released two R CRAN packages for network ecology: bipartiteD3 interactive visualisations of bipartite networks and cassandRa for exploring undersampled networks by identifying ‘most-likely’ missing links and conducting observation bootstrapping. I also recently undertook an internship at CEH Wallingford, working on the automatic classification of images of ladybirds with machine learning tools, and showing how they can be significantly improved by allowing the model to synthesise the contextual metadata of the record.


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Gripenberg, S.,Basset, Y., Lewis, O., Terry, J.C.D. + 16 others. (2019) A highly-resolved food web for insect seed predators in a species-rich tropical forest. Ecology Letters. doi: 10.1111/ele.13359


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