Dr Abigail Bailey

Research Technician

  • email abigail.bailey@biology.ox.ac.uk

Research interests

I am interested in the complex interplay between species and in particular predator-prey dynamics.  My recent research has centred around the effects on trophic interactions and population genetics that occur in an ecosystem following altered predator-prey dynamics as a consequence of predator decline.  My PhD focusses on the impacts of shark population decline on the population genomics of mesopredatory prey species, using molecular techniques and bioinformatic tools such as RAD-seq. These data can be used to better understand the downstream effects of the loss of large predators and the wider implications for marine ecosystems, to best inform conservation management strategy.

I am now looking forward to being a part of the team at Oxford working on the Target Malaria project, looking at the potential implications and ecosystem effects of removing one of the mosquito species (Anopheles gambiae) that acts as a vector for malaria.  I will be using molecular lab techniques to prepare and process samples collected from the study sites in Ghana, for DNA metabarcoding.